Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spent some time over these past few days watching an old TV series I use to enjoy before my life changed.  Was interesting watching it with changed eyes, re-directed heart.  Then I would take the time to "watch" my self watching it, intrigued by the change in perception, in reaction.  In one way the show was good for it reminded me of things forgotten over too many years, in others it reminded me of the sadness of today's world.  It exemplified so well in well lite scenes, realistically acted and written lines how empty so many lives have become.  How self focused the mindset taught to the masses invades, permeates and perverts the simple wonder of living in a world filled with awesome beauty.  Beautiful people, beautiful acts, beautiful skies, trees, animals, rain...Beauty of God's wondrous majesty everywhere if we would just pause, unplug and see the silent thunder of His Love.

thank you Almighty Father for loving me.

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