Saturday, February 12, 2011

use me to do Thy Will today

My great and powerful Father, use me to do Thy Will today.  Use me in my feebleness to be thy hidden small instrument, I am not able to enter the slums and wash the feet of Jesus hidden within the lost and hurting.  Please, I ask of you, use my petty sacrifices, my tiny prayers for good, for Thy pleasure.  Have pity on me and fill me with Thyself and use me to ease Thy Son's sorrow and spread His Joy... I ask Thee of this in Jesus' joyful name dear most Holy Trinity.  Amen.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

So much sadness, so many hurting, so many in to help?  How to give all to God?  How much sacrifice?  All for them, all for Him.

Only human, scars, sins, and all that ilk of humanity within me.
For you my Lord,, How I ache to give all to You..I beg you to take all from me, nothing matters except You.

You are the breeze that cools in summertime,
The warm sun in winter's bite.
You dear Jesus are the hope of this frozen heart.

A repeat post ... Because I see and I yearn that level of faith and service

Saturday, February 28, 2009

So We May Learn, So We Might See

What faith she had! What horrors she witnessed. What suffering she accepted! What beauty she beheld. What inspiration she gave! What humbling she taught. All for the glory, all for the love, all for sacrifice of our Lord. Nothing did she give for her own vainglory. Jesus, was her all. In the tiniest, in the most filthy, in the most wretched, most sin filled... all Mother Teresa saw was Jesus. Jesus in the baby, Jesus in the dying leper, Jesus in the beaten mother. Daily, hour to hour simple, strong Mother Teresa kept her faith focused. In her darkest hours, she trusted in God. So much she taught this age by example and words. Never taking any credit for her efforts, all was truly a gift from God to His good servant Teresa. She would exclaim to any who would listen,"Look what God has done with someone as little as me!" Listing the convents, hospitals, sisters, priests, lay people all working in the houses she founded and inspired... yes, look what God has done with tiny, frail Mother Teresa! A face and hands so etched with wrinkles and love, you have to be blind to not see the glorious beauty earned in every crevasse, every line. Her stooped shoulders and back bent so low like her humbleness as she gladly carried the Cross with our Lord. Thanks be to God for a servant like Blessed Mother Teresa! Thanks be to the Blessed Mother Mary for guiding to Jesus little Mother Teresa! Thanks be to Jesus for His Sacrifice and Resurrection for we may be visited by a woman so holy, humble, and strong. Thanks be to God for again giving us living , walking, normal people and making them into His most glorious servants so we may learn once again how mighty the One True God is.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Spent some time over these past few days watching an old TV series I use to enjoy before my life changed.  Was interesting watching it with changed eyes, re-directed heart.  Then I would take the time to "watch" my self watching it, intrigued by the change in perception, in reaction.  In one way the show was good for it reminded me of things forgotten over too many years, in others it reminded me of the sadness of today's world.  It exemplified so well in well lite scenes, realistically acted and written lines how empty so many lives have become.  How self focused the mindset taught to the masses invades, permeates and perverts the simple wonder of living in a world filled with awesome beauty.  Beautiful people, beautiful acts, beautiful skies, trees, animals, rain...Beauty of God's wondrous majesty everywhere if we would just pause, unplug and see the silent thunder of His Love.

thank you Almighty Father for loving me.