Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today's Gospel reading is a good timely reminder for me right now.  Due to many factors swirling around it seems a struggle to remain focused on the light.  Over and over I need to remind my self,,,trust in Jesus, he is with you even if he seems asleep in the boat.  Trust no matter what the world throws at me, trust he will lead me to wherever, whatever he wants me.  Let not fear enter into my heart no matter how whispered... Trust has been the overarching stronghold of this past year.  Trust is all I have had at times as I try with the Lord's help to overcome my weaknesses, my woundedness, my occasional desire to..what?  Give up?  Give up to what though?  There is no choice, there is no option that sings of truth and hope.  Trust and try, be silent and listen, pray and give thanks..all I can do, all I can hold on to sometimes.  Pray for me and I do pray for you altho we are unknown to each other we are known by our bound of brother and sisterhood with our loving Triune God.

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