Tuesday, January 18, 2011

O come my Savior, come my Hope

Enter into this heart of mine and make me clean, transform my being.
Yours alone is all I desire, rend from me everything and all that displeases and hinders Your Grace from filling this vessel. Humble this daughter smaller and smaller.  Dear Father I know You desire me and all people to be saints, please have mercy on this lowly one before You and lift me up into the person You made me to be, so Thy Will can be done here and for all eternity.   You have the power, the love and the mercy Dear Jesus, unite me with you, show me the way.

To see into others things that ought not be seen is an interesting and heavy way to live.

Had a sudden urge this evening to put bird seed in the feeders after 10pm.  Went into the snowy night food in hand, and a poor little wren was trapped under the plastic wall that holds the seed.  Had to be there at least 4-5 hours.  Scared me at first I thought it was dead, lifted the plastic and the birds neck was stuck on the edge of the plastic and his poor exhausted body went up with the plastic wall.  Tried instinctively to lightly tug him away from the plastic but he was stuck, he fluttered his wings a couple times, poor little heart pounding. It was too dark to tell if it had cut into his neck.

Praying quickly as my heart broke over this innocent creature's suffering, asking my Guardian Angel and St Martin De Porres to please pray to Jesus for help and if the bird must die or suffer to please make it quick for they should not suffer needlessly.  Raised the clear wall a wee lil bit and was ready to reach in and tug harder when the lil thing gave a weak lil tweat and suddenly he was free and flew off toward the garage.  What a joy at how our Lord hears our prayers for this little bird!  I thanked God and Jesus and thanked my Angel and St Martin for their prayer.  Feed the birds and put some fresh good food down near where the bird flew for I know it had to be cold and hungry. I pray he lives a normal life, but if it was too much for him and he must die I know our Lord will make it fast and not let him suffer anymore.

God comes to us in little ways through his creatures great and small.  His love surrounds us in his most tender of creations, His love given to us- all of us every bird his treasured joy, every human his child, every tree a palette of grace.  On and on everything we see made by His love a gift for us who just need to reside in this moment and see Him.

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