Sunday, January 30, 2011

In between warm and cold, nature's pause over all; our breath we hold..

Been a long week, a time that makes me fight from the marrow.  Fighting the thoughts, fighting the want to let my weaker self just say "F it all, I'm tired"  But I am battling the impulse, battling the temptation instead I blindly reach for that hope of better things, better times if not here, then after.  Reaching and leaning on our Blessed Mother, talking with my light that leads and shapes all towards her Son Jesus.  I talk to her as Mother, I talk with her as friend.  She knows..she knows.  It is not that I fear the future, it is that I fear my weakness.  It is one of the few times that the wondering and the struggle gets hard and tiring, the path gets lonely.  But that is fine, it is nothing a mere pittance I can offer and unite to Jesus' walk in this world.

Keep looking for volunteer work, but nothing stands out, yet so many in need.  Look for work, but so many others in greater need, I have more then I need or want in this physical world. After I get this dental work done I'll just jump into something, anything and make the most of it. Still have the urge to make that one statue, maybe now is a good time to try and shape it outside this mind's eye?  What do you think Mama Mary?  Through pain and suffering a light shines, maybe not seen by the one offering but somewhere someone is benefiting the glow of the Lord's merciful love.

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