Saturday, July 24, 2010

St Sharbel, Pray for Us- Feast Day of a Great Maronite Saint

Father of Truth Prayer

Father of truth, behold your Son, a sacrifice pleasing to You. Accept this offering of Him who died for me; behold His blood shed on Golgotha for my salvation. It pleads for me. For His sake, accept my offering. Many are my sins, but greater is Your mercy. When placed on a scale, Your mercy prevails over the weight of the mountains known only to You. Consider the sin and consider the atonement; the atonement is greater and exceeds the sin. Your beloved Son sustained the nail and the lance because of my sins, so in His sufferings You are satisfied and I live.

Was born in 1828, became a holy priest and then a hermit for God in 1875.  He had a stroke offering Mass on Christmas Eve right after saying the "Father of Truth Prayer".  His life is a beautiful example of a life lived fully in faith, love and obedience for, with, and through God.  St Charbel, pray for us.  To read more on this blessed man go to St Elias Maronite Church website.

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