Saturday, July 3, 2010

Into the night the sun fades away,
The day a memory of faith and failings,
How shall the Divine judge our trails and tests?
How shall we be decided on our attempts for contrite offerings?

Silence of the self, a delectable blessed hum of listening and moving.

The moon is my mother, she is the perfect reflection of the sun.

 To be blessed with a couple days of silence of mind, silence of being even in the midst of noise and frenetic activity...the gentle hum of  grace-filled silence that speaks to the heart, lets you listen to the voice within speaking. Allows you to softly talk with your Savior in a deeper, more intimate way then normal. The self craves to rest and remain within this all consuming silence so warm, loving and comforting.  Allowing the mind, heart to travel where it is lead.  To feel the cross chosen for you alone to bear within the silence makes the burden light and the journey a gift to He that lays it on you, an offering so sweet the hardship nominal. What more can I do for You dear Jesus?  What more?

It seems so little, so insignificant these meager offering I give to You.  How I wish I could lay at your feet large works that help my fellow man.  How I wish I could lay at your feet amazing acts of holiness for your glory.  Instead I lay these few crushed dying weeds of effort.  Instead you receive these sad little tokens of attempts and failures of my daily works and prayers. Forgive me my human efforts, so pathetic and tiny, so stained with my sin, selfishness and vanity.  Without you I can do nothing.. without you I am nothing.. without you I cease to be alive.  Let me always live in you dear Jesus. Let my heart be a loving restful home for you to rest your head.  Let me do for you everything.  Make me a holy servant of your will and nothing more.  You have the power to transform my miserly offerings into gifts of love that shine.  All I ask is for your love and your grace to always do your will and nothing else matters.

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