Saturday, July 3, 2010

Hobbit, small in stature, large in courage. We should all embrace our inner Frodo.
There are times when I grow weary of this life, that is when I cling to the islands of respite- islands of consolation graced to me from God.  But there are times when viewing over the current when I fear the struggle is too much, when the ways of the world too much for one like myself.  How I crave the hope of a home with our Lord, our God.  To be united with Him, cleansed of all the sin, the ugliness of human existence.  There are times when I see the wondrous glory of life and the breathtaking wonder of His Divine hand in all that lives and breathes around me as the world passes before me.  Those are the islands of hope that feed my faith, my hope in God's love and mercy.  What an interesting creature we humans are, so frail, so wretched, so gentle and so loving.  We are a measure of extreme contradictions a living breathing paradox of oxymoron. 
  I try to fight the human urge to know the future, to know beyond the moment to the next.  To fight the human urge to be attached to people, to things... the simple path I must follow.  A path that feeds the immediate, and the weakness in me, but it leads away leads away from the narrow path of Christ, that is not a path I wish to follow. Well, then, I know what I must do, hold on Jesus I'm a comin'!

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  1. Wonderful journey and experience!