Monday, April 5, 2010

I want to go out, to help others.  I want to seek out the ones who walk the roads in desperation and sorrow!  I want!  I want!  Sigh "I want"...  I want so much not my will but God's will!  To help the invisible, to help the lost, to reach out and lift up the hidden.  Oh my glorious God I want to do for you!  How do YOU wish for me to serve?  What can I do for YOU?  My God, my God how I love and desire to serve, to give all, to be whatever YOU ask of me my glorious GOD!  For today is today and this minute is all I know, this hour is all I know, this hour is all that matters.  Glorious is Your Wonder!

All is within Your Power dear God....everything is is Your Divine Hand dear God.  Tomorrow never comes and it is folly for my to think, wish, plan for tomorrow.  Tomorrow never comes for all is now, and nothing else is, or matters dear Beloved.  All is for YOU, all is for You.   You are the hope.  You are the wonder,  You are the Light, the Life, the Love that guides us small pitiful humans.. You dear God are the breath of our lungs, You are the beat of our hearts....You my wondrous God are the majesty of our walk through this world.  You dear Jesus, You dear Father Almighty, you dear Holy Spirit are as ONE the force that makes us wake every morning, makes us sing with joy, makes us cry with love.  You dear Holy Trinity are the One that holds our tender hearts in your Divine hands and brings us to hope, brings us to Your Divine glory... You Almighty God most precious Light and glory, You are the One that makes us smile in the early morning breeze.

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