Sunday, March 7, 2010

Meditation by St Pio:  Your weakness will not surprise you, but knowing you as I do, you will blush because of your infidelity to God; then you will confide in Him, tranquilly abandoning yourself in the arms of our Heavenly Father, like a baby in the arms of his own mother.

Well, As y'all can read I had my selfish whine pity party for one yesterday.  So back to normal life and the mood is better and the resolve to just give it all to our Lady and entrust her guidance to our Lord.  So I will shut up, put my petty emotions and selfish thoughts where they belong and remember what I heard interiorly that day along the river, "All that matters is me [Jesus]..."

So dust myself off, schedule a confession, and start anew- 7 times 70 times a man may fall and if contrite he will be forgiven.  Lol, being human is messy business!  :0P  :0)  Thank you God you gave us your Divine Mercy!  For He is all that matters, so serving the One also means serving Him in all my brothers and sisters also. 

Interesting, interesting Lent this year... but I resolve to try not to think beyond the moment and to listen to where He is guiding me.  Like a leaf on the Living waters I wish to be going wherever His waters flow.  Or how about like a feather carried on the breathe of His Divine Spirit?  Either analogy works, and both express the goal.  To do whatever He tells me, and to do it as perfectly as His good graces will allow.  To do the Father's Will and be an instrument of His peace and love following Jesus' perfect way, isn't that all that matters?
------------------------------------------12;50am Sun evening/Mon morning
Yes, back into that late night mode, there is a calm that covers the city in the dark of night.  A peace that touches even the most lost corners. I think Mary heard my slight (HA!) crisis of being yesterday and intervened.  A calming hand has touched my heart and quiet peace has started to return within, I just have to be humble enough to surrender and accept..Oh, and get my selfishness out of the way.   To remind myself that there is no need for frustrations and fear for God will take care of everything, and all I need to do is follow blessed Mary and how she perfectly follows her son's way.  To become Christlike in all things... to seek to become a reflection of He.  For Christ dwells within me and within all of us.  

To become like a child as the Gospel says... to become poor.. to remember that God's merciful love is greater then any weakness I may ever have.  Thanks Mother Teresa for that paraphrase.  Good night and peace.

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