Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The most complex simplicity ever pondered by mankind is the mystery of God.  It is not a concept filled with grand calculations, rituals and formulas, but a single moment of silence touched in the heart.

Holy is His name... Holy is ..his..name... like the preciousness of breath to life, God's name is sacred.  God's name is life.  God's name is! 

God's name is!

Holy is His name.  Holy is His Son, Jesus.  Holy is His love the Comforter.  Holy, holy, holy is the Lord our God.  

Yearning a man crawls, a man reaches, a man gives all for a moment of crystalline clarity of God.  No matter how fleeting, no matter how brief, one will spend a lifetime attempting all, giving all for love, for Love.  No matter the distance one will travel whatever path placed before them for that hope, for that promise, for that peace within.  For nothing matters except the love for God and the knowing ,true and solid that God loves each one of us completely since the moment He created us...He loves you as no other, he loves me as no other, He loves all of His children as He loves His Son... how can that be?  For He is the Father and His infinite Love knows no bounds, His infinite love... His infinite love... Holy is His name.

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