Monday, March 1, 2010

 "Teach Me to Walk" Keaton

The focus of mine has been adrift and that is my fault, instead of trusting all is from God and giving all to He that is Love I allowed little superficial things of this world to distract me.  To let go, to give all, to keep the heart, mind centered on The Truth, on The One -this fills me with hope and must always drive me.  Yes, I am thrust now into a world where almost all around me are focused on the unimportant and trivial of worldly things, it is up to me out of love for our Divine God to trust and certainly know that He is with me and that He is guiding to what His Divine Love for me wills.  It is up to me to surrender, to be humble and small thus following Blessed Mary's example and confidently say my own personal fiat to the Almighty.  It is up to me to trust in His grace and that He will always give me the graces needed to come closer to resting with Him within me. For the beauty of the desert is within and our Lord is the living water waiting to be found and to soothe.

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