Friday, July 3, 2009

The trees, rocks, and river of my youth transformed into a shadow of itself but still it's essence remains.

every nuanced gradient of shade in the bark some accentuating the craggy deep cuts of roughened growth as the tree stretched hungrily for the sun and river... decades and decades of yearning and being.

The rocks tossed by floods, rolls and smoothed by the never ceasing river,, all friends joined to serve, protect and welcome me as I sat inches from the eddying water...

In my youth here is where I sat and learned the secret sacredness of the world. Of God's great glory, His perfect piece of art for all to wonder and praise His majesty.

Here by the river I learned in the silent roar of rushing river the Creator's brush,
The Great One's gentle power over all things.

Down by the river all time stopped and the heart expanded in the praise of the unknown Master Artist.

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