Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dreamed last Monday(?) about 2 dead sparrows- one fell out of the sky in front of me, and was dying fast and then was dead. The other sparrow in a different background and scene was lying on the ground already several days dead. Was one of those odd dreams so I filed it in the mental hold bin.

Last Tuesday I hit a baby sparrow with my car as it flew in front of me. I remember how happy it looked zooming down in a swoop across the street until I realized too late the pending collision course and could not stop. In the rearview mirror I saw its wings doing a frantic flapping on the street until I could turn around and go back. The few seconds that took and I checked on it it had already died. Gently I lifted it up and moved it to the side of the road just on the off chance it was just unconscious and saw its Mom watching from the wire across the street. Feeling terrible I apologized to both and said a prayer for God to bless, and protect His creatures and if they must suffer to make it fast.

Today after Mass I walked a short walk and on the way back to MH on the sidewalk laid a dead sparrow of several days. Immediately making me think of the dream. Todays Sunday reading in Maronite Church was about the sparrows being precious to God yet not even close to what we are to God. I thought of these 2 delicate creatures that I witnessed this week. Still am thinking about it as I am getting ready to do some chores.

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