Saturday, June 13, 2009

Well I survived the week- Yeah! Next!!

Been thinking about contemplative prayer and how surprised I am after reading how many lay people don't seem to take time to practice this form of prayer. Of course for me I call it Tuesday if I am being very, very good. (Which isn't often the case) Guess I am fortunate and blessed to live a very quiet life right now. I am happy that I have found a place in town that offers a wonderful retreat/prayer house where they offer Poustinia rooms for up to 24 hours. I heard the mental skid marks, it is Russian for desert, like the people searching for God would go to the quiet of the desert to listen for God's voice MH offers rooms for those searching for that silence.They also have a chapel with Jesus in the Holy Eucharist is present! Yippie! Any place with the Holy Eucharist in it is a great place to be! The home has an instantly safe, and warm feel to it when you enter and the people running it are consecrated lay religious, I have helped out there a couple times and every one of them are genuinely nice people who walk the walk and live the Gospels in their lives. Plus great cooks! I never ate fish soup that I actually liked before and I was getting sick at the time and STILL liked the darn stuff! LOL!

Oh should give them a shout out... Madonna House in Roanoke is ran by the Madonna House Apostolate founded by Catherine Doherty in 1947 and a House opened here by invitation of the Bishop exactly 30 years ago in 1979. How I never really knew about them until now I don't know. I knew my Grandparents would donate money to them. But God has a way of working that constantly surprises and points out the obvious when needed, LOL, plus let's admit it knowing me He probably figured let me wait and get really frustrated by not being able to find a place close by to go on retreats to given my car problems and teach me some good needed lessons for my stubborn lil Aries ego. LOL, builds an appreciation for what wonderful things are right under my nose if I had just opened my eyes to see once in awhile.

Now if I would just stop ramming my horns into the walls....

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