Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Last few weeks have been... good, very good. Nothing forces out stagnation and teach lessons then being pushed out of the comfort zone, which never was all that comfy anyway. That good ol' 'reflection over the day' type of stuff bringing fruition of inner awareness/growth(? let's hope) by opening the eyes, heart and mind to the self's errors and habits, fears and desires. May not bring the best sleep though... ROFL, justifiably!

Today the Christ is born/Christmas song fixation(is that even the right use of the word?) stopped... working quietly in the yard, listening to the day... when the mind got to yakking. Stopped it with whatever seemed right for the moment... a prayer, a phrase, a quote , or the most common- a simple 'be quiet'.

How I cringe inside when I see what my behavior and self had become over the years... thank God He is merciful and for every lesson learned in painful humiliating awareness, another will be taught that will make the current tame. LOL, what was that phrase? Be careful what you pray for? :0)

DL'd a great song last week, "Beautiful Brokenness" by Sue Peters on the "2008 Best of New Catholic Music"
-" ...Take me. Bless me. Break me. Consecrate me, Lord, in your beautiful brokeness.
... As you are broken, break me today..."

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