Tuesday, June 30, 2009

June-What A Month It Has Been

June, what a month-what a month it has been.

Impossible to put into words all learnt this month by the grace of God. It has swung from sick and painful to healthy and gentle, anguished to peace filled, sorrow to joy.

A month so full of seemingly contradictory sights, sounds, smells, thoughts, emotions. So long, so much learned, so much seen of others and my own self... so long a month that now in the closing hours of the day on the thirtieth my mind is inept to find words. Years worth of life fitted within these past short 30 days. So long a month I would gladly walk through again without hesitation for I was never alone.

Interesting, growing, insightful, struggling, yet I learned so much through all these seemingly tiny lessons intermixed throughout. Lessons given by others, by happenstance(I don't believe in coincidence though, so what word to use?). Humbling lessons that I am so thankful to be enlightened to... never much fun to learn one's own fault's, arrogance, flippancy and its effects on others and self.

For every dark time, shamed time, struggle I am thankful. Layer by layer I want to be pared down. Simplified to only one singular focus however it unfolds on the path before me... for I am trying to walk in trust of the one greater then us all. Trying to relearn what true loves means again in a real life sense and that nothing matters but the now and the openness to all it contains.

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