Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday Driving Home

Driving home today I saw a person so bent over and a face so filled with sorrow it hurt my own heart to see him. So much sorrow in this world it becomes heavy just to observe and feel the weight bearing into your own being... I said a heartfelt prayer as I drove home. Laying down to take a short nap I could not sleep the weight kept drawing me back to this one man's face, to the other people I have seen over the past few months. I am but a selfish human too often distracted by my own petty pithiness, how do the Holy ones deal with it? The saints that silently walk unknown among us? The Guardian Angels? Oh how does Blessed Mary our mother stand it looking over her spiritual children feeling their misery and heartache? How does Jesus' tender divine sacred heart bear it?

One, two, three people... one, two, three thousand... one, two, three billion walking among us on this beautiful world who are unable to see the beauty that rises above the physical like the sun and the moon. What a sorrow that must fill Heaven and Jesus' heart, so much He willing took for us, to help us, give us hope. His sacred heart always pierced by our sins, lack of faith, lack of trust. Does one person's genuine pray of love and thanksgiving give Him a respite from the others sorrow and failings? Don't know why but I think it does. Some mornings When I awake I make a simple prayer for Jesus to please find a soul somewhere that lightens his burden of our sins. How Jesus must yearn for that one person that is on that edge to just ask him for His merciful love to guide them to Him. How Mary waits anxiously listening for the soft voice in the darkness that cries out for her help in guiding them to her son. Yes, to run to us so she can pass our prayers to her son and make Him smile knowing another has heard and has chosen to open themselves to Him.

Sitting here I hope, I trust, I send my love and prayers for all those who are lost in their sorrows for that one person matters no matter their life's mistakes. That one person matters to our God and is of our God and may be Jesus walking and searching for the one Samaritan who will reach out to Him and give love and comfort. Was I the Pharisee who drove on by? Could I have done more?

Dear Mary please ask your beloved son, Jesus to fill me with the grace to live His path more fully and to never walk by God's more poor who might just need a smile or a kind word. I remember how much that meant to me when I was at my lowest, do not let me ever forget the strength of the simple loving act on another of my brothers.

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