Saturday, June 27, 2009

Art, Artist and the Divine Artist- 2 am musing

To create the modern artist is taught the ego births the process, feeds the tangibles and intangibles... a demigod of his dominion. The folly that ensnares, imprisons and loses the soul of many modern artist.

To create the artist must remove the self from the process, yet it takes a complete devotion of the self to create from little something that speaks volumes to another human.

To create the artist must remove self from the process. To create the artist must remove the self from the work. To create the artist must be the moment, silent searching.

To glorify God the artist must devote the self to the silent prayer of life's simple complexity.

Walking a paradoxical line of being completely there yet never to be there. The artist must be completely lost in love to the higher calling.

The artist always must be the instrument of Creation and never the source.

Complete in emptiness the artist soars if made into the nothingness of everything.

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