Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh Obama-Why, Why, Why?

Why President Obama are you making these killing policies a high end priority for your young administration? this is what I feared when I voted for you. Don't you realize how many pro-life people voted for you hoping, praying you would focus on your social programs and overturning the horrific Bush policies. No, instead you allow tax payer money to be used no for abortions over seas, and now you are overturning the ban on embryonic stem cell research knowing stem cells can be used from adults and skin cells and triggered to turn into other types of stem cells.

We have too much death of the innocents. STOP! Stop the killing of the innocents, the unborn, the death machines of war, abortion, death penalty, legal suicide assistance, torture still going on by the CIA and Military... so much death... the spraying of chemicals by planes everyday over our country. The death of souls by the media, propaganda by oligarchies...

ENOUGH!!!!! STOP THE DEATH before God's hand is let loose on us all.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Saturday Night musings ..Part One.

Jesus, how do you look in your Mother's eyes? Jesus, how does Mary look into your eyes?

Blessed mother Mary, you draw so close, never ceasing to help us to love Jesus. How I spend hours, days, a lifetime wondering about your life while you walked this innocent you were made by our glorious Father, so loved by the Holy Spirit. What dreams and worries did you have as you helped Elizabeth prepare for John's birth? As you watched her waist grow larger and felt your son growing in your womb did you realize that times will go to Calvary? Did you repeat over and over in your mind His Divine name? See the glory of Gabriel's closeness to God? ...

Hail, Mary! Full of grace, the Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women!
Blessed is the fruit of thy womb,

Oh Holy Mary, mother of God,
Pray for us sinners
and at the hour of our death.

Touched the hem of His cloak and she was healed. I love this Gospel story in Luke. Faith, and gentleness. "Who touched me" said Jesus..."I felt power leave me" ... "Daughter, go in peace." Jesus tells the cured hemorrhagic woman..."Daughter, go in peace"

How I would love to see Jesus. Just to touch the edge of his cloak! When I am good and pray and follow the path He laid out for me I can see Him in the people I pass. Sometimes I will sit and just watch people as they move by... flowing, spinning, laughing, angry... people become so fascinating once you step outside the normal way of living. My life has tossed me into an observer role for now. This is why my weakness is self induced distraction. Sometimes seeing and feeling all the emotions of those around me are too overwhelming. Reading the news too painful. How did Jesus endure the pain on that night in the garden? When he felt all the sin we committed against our brothers and sisters through the ages?

How? How His human side ached, how His divine side suffered. All by choice, for He loved us so... all by humbling choice because He loved me so...

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mass Cards and Holy Cards- Great site to Visit

This is a wonderful site that has beautiful Mass cards and holy cards from antique to modern day. She always has the prayers included that are printed on the cards and other info as available.

I highly recommend this site! (click on title for link)

Most mass card/holy card images I have/or will use on this blog will come from her vast collection. Other images are used though, including some I have found in other places and also my own photography and artwork. The Blessed Mary statue below is a work I completed last year and have in my garage waiting to be delivered, hence the background. I will try to do a better job of crediting the artwork as I continue this endeavor. As an artist myself I know how important it is to credit work and collections. So I would like to thank Micki for the use of her vast collection of cards to illustrate my mad mental musings. thank you, and may God continue to bless you and your wonderful blog!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

OK, It Is Lent and I have Fallen Again

I know...I know. Only a week into Lent and boy have I failed miserably in trying to be a better person. Here I am supposedly attempting to be more loving towards my fellow man, more understanding of those who I disagree with and look at what I wrote. Geez Max can't you just ignore those who get you riled up? Be more saintly and just shut up and pray for them? Umm.. I tried??? Yeah, I know.. no excuse.

Mea Culpa, Mea Culpa! (gee that isn't in spell check-sorry if misspelled..another fault of mine, laziness.)

Let's see I have managed to mentally rip on the wealthy, the extremist right wingers, the selfish, MSM talking heads, extremist, ummm... who else? Well, dang! For me that isn't too bad! At least it is my usual suspects. Although I did find myself prejudging a nice lady in class when she claimed Obama's health care reform will be >socialism> and will mandate all medical personnel to preform abortions. Now I am as anti-abortion as the next Catholic, it is wrong and a grave evil and should never be done except in extremely rare, grave circumstances where there is no other possible choice. (Hey I have even marched in DC at the big Pro-Life rally.) I read Luke Chapter one and I believe life starts at conception (without a doubt!) BUT the Freedom of Choice Act is not even up in committee in the Congress yet and Obama has not made an Executive Order yet (and I pray he doesn't, this was the one problem I really had with him. Otherwise after 8 years of Bush/Cheney I would rather have a bowl of oatmeal in the Oval Office then another republican). Health Care reform IS A SEPARATE ISSUE ,PEOPLE!!!! And for people to blindly say that health care reform is socialism!!!!!!!! PU_LEAZE! (DittoHeads who do not want to think outside their dittohead boxes, talking to you. Or have compassion outside of their own wallets. The Me generation continues from the 70s but now they are aging closed minded selfish sycophants instead of EST trainees. )

This country is falling apart medically and the only ones profiting from it are the Insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies and all their thousands of lobbyists! Why can we not have a system like our northern neighbors Canada? Where is the compassion for those less fortunate? Is it always socialism if the wealthy have to pay the same percentage in taxes as the rest of us? (Warren Buffet said he paid ~17.5% taxes on his millions the same year his secretary making $60,000 paid over 35%-even he said it was wrong and the rich need to belly up and pay. Google it Feb 2009) Is it socialism when someone on disability cannot see a dentist because no dentist in the area will take you if you don't pay full price up front and there are no slding scale service available to those on SSDisabilty? Is it socialism to take care of the suffering with dignity and quality health care?

And here I go again!!
Oops... OK I better call it a day and do some serious praying because this inner frustration and rage is just feeding off each other in no productive ways ( Altho aren't we all called to correct the sinner and didn't Jesus say that after obeying God above all else His second commandment was Love thy neighbor as I have loved you??) So am I wrong in calling out the wrongs I perceive in my countrymen if I seriously think these wrongs are detrimental to the good/soul of the people? Did not Jesus go out and cure the sick and feed the hungry and give hope and love to the masses? Did he not tell the wealthy man to give away all his possessions and follow him, and that it is easier to pass thru the eye of a needle then for a wealthy man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? Not that their aren't many, many wonderful generous loving wealthy people that give so much to lift up so many.. May God bless them all!!!

OK tomorrow is another day... maybe I can get an appointment for confession? It is long overdue and I am disgusted with the sins I carry on my soul...
to any I have offended, I am sorry. I will pray and do penance for those who have made me so upset... thank goodness we have a merciful God who knows how weak and small we are. Jesus forgive me I have fallen again and again I have hurt you with my pride and arrogance. Forgive me dear God for what I have done to your beloved Son my Lord Jesus Christ. Blessed Mother pray for me to your Divine Son.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Late Night Wonderment- Short

Quiet in the night, my favorite time of the day. When I worked graveyard shift for ten years I loved break time I would stand outside on the dock and watch the breezes blow the trees under the streetlights glow. The silence of downtown was mesmerizingly peaceful. One, two o'clock in the morning wakens the soul, allows you to feel that life is more then the distractions and noise the daylight people infest on the world.