Friday, July 4, 2014

Make a plan, work the plan.

A wonderfully phrase I read awhile back.  Setting up a routine with a couple coals in mind and sticking to a gradually induction into that plan is my goal.  Forcing a habit to become the norm through repetition, start with the simplistic and trusting through effort that things will fall into place and God will lead over the trail.

At this point in time things are still murky and cloudy but I am forcing myself to do the "have to's" of the moment.  A great quote from Cathrine Doherty and most likely others is paying attention to "the duty of the moment".  Offering to God, for God the drudges of the mundane dregs of everyday life.  Work to get the home repair work between my Mom's house and my house.  That is a long list since no one else is around to do them except me save the gardening stuff which is David's to tend around his full time job.

Great news is that I was wait listed for an Icon Writing retreat and got accepted after some others dropped out.  So hopefully, God willing, I will learn how to make icons!  This with wood carving and some sculpture work might open a wee crack into some way to earn some money in the future.  Was debating if I could rent a storage unit to use as a workshop?  Don't know what thier rules are, but something to check out over the next few months if I can get some money saved up.

Make a plan, work the plan.  God willing, God willing.

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