Monday, September 16, 2013

Holy God, Mighty God, how marvelous is Your name!

The great mystery of You, dear Lord, baffles me.  Enthralls me, silences me.
How can one such as me ever express the wonders You have graced upon this sinner's heart to others?      Holy is Your name.  I will trust in You!  To live in, with and through You, I must throw all things away from my self.

Please crush me low, for my sinner's heart is stone.  Break this vessel cracked and filthy, for You have the power, You have the love to rebuild anew, a vessel pure and simple to fill with only praise and gratitude.  With Your mercy, You can rebuild and soften this heart, make it contrite and humble. Filled with only the desire to love and serve You all the days on this world and with Thy mercy, to love and serve forever in Your Home. The path will be rough, difficult and painful but You always provide islands of respite little ways of refreshing with drinks of Your love and strength.

It is my will to return it to You, let my will be forever Yours and never my own.  "Let Thy will be done."  Let Thy will be done.

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