Sunday, December 4, 2011

So much I wish to speak about, the wonder of our dear Lord...So much inside that yearns to be shared, spoken, and heard by friends... Friends who would dare to share, critique, and offer advice... So dearly, do we not all want the same thing?  To give all for the greater glory of our dear Beloved Lord.  For the Almighty, the most Mysterious of Beings- Our God and His mercy, what a wondrous Being that holds us so close, so tenderly!  Our sufferings so minimal, our sufferings tender lessons to bring us higher towards His union.  Glory be His name, wondrous is His love!   All praise is our Lord's name... all of us for our Lord..all of our Lord He gives to us, if we just become smaller in our being...if we just dive deeper into His living waters of live!

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