Friday, October 1, 2010

o today, especially since coming home is a day of pain and ick..  didn't someone say be careful for what you pray for?   Writing this because even lying in bed is miserable this way maybe it will "help" someone?  Besides offering this day up as it grows more and more like a truck ran over me, my lungs breathed air from a burning house and my energy makes even typing this seem a struggle.

Offer it up, yes, that is what I have been doing since last night when the first glmmers of this ick started to descend over me.  So I look at the cross without a corpus and remember reading "that is so you can unite yourself and take Jesus' place on the cross one day." (bad paraphrase but you get the gist).

So my dear Beloved please take this offering of mine so meager and small, so wretched and stained, but please accept it as a Parent would accept a gift of flowers that are really weeds from a toddler...look at the love it is offered and not the sins on my soul.

To you dear Jesus let these insignificant sufferings of mine ease your suffering in some tiny, little way.  Let my head ache be united and ease somehow Thy pain from your crown of thorns as the cross beam would hit your head as you carried our sins, from the beatings with fist and reeds.

Let these knees in some tiny way cushion your knees as you fall on the rock paved road to your final act of suffering.  Let these shoulders ease your Holy shoulder, torn by the whip, beaten and now bearing the weight of our sins..each splinter finding exposed muscle, sinew and bone.

Dear beautiful Jesus so loving, so merciful- look at what our sins have done to You.  Dear Mother Mary please take the pain in my back, and use it in some way pleasing to your Divine Son, our Lord.  You are much wiser then I on how best Jesus can use these tiny offerings I place at your feet dear Mother Mary.  Please in penance for my sins, the conversion of sinners, to protect and heal and give hope to the mentally ill, suicidal, and lonely.. to protect the innocent, the lost, the, so many in such need today.  USe me dear Mother Mary, unite me dear Mother Mary so I may one day be through the grace of God a perfect reflection of Jesus, so I may always follow your guidance and through you enter into the path of the Word Incarnate.

To You dear Jesus I give this exhaustion, this stabbing burning cough... unite it with your time nailed and struggling to draw breath... ahhh, I maybe a fool dear Jesus, but I do have faith in your love, and your mercy.  Take from me whatever You will,  use me however You desire.  Take these tiny discomforts and join them with your Divine offering to the Father Almighty however You see fit.  IF it be Thy will then heal me from this pain but only if it be Thy will..but if it does more good for you to take them and use them then please by all means do not hesitate -  take them take them take them dear Love.... I trust in You dear Jesus.. I trust in You.  Take my Love and help make it pure and all consuming for You.  FOr You.

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