Saturday, October 2, 2010

"Bless the Lord, all his works,
  praise and exalt him for ever.
Bless the Lord, you heavens;
  all his angels, bless the Lord."
The Feast of the Guardian Angels!!  
What would this life be like without God's gift of the Guardian Angels?  All my life, and I am sure yours if raised with the knowledge of these powerful beings sent by God to protect us, guide us, teach us..all my life they have fascinated me.  How kind and loving is our Almighty Father to give us an angel when He formed us to be by our side.  

When I was a tiny thing I would know my angel was there sometimes thinking I saw my angel looking over me, comforting me especially after a surgery.  I remember lying in the hospital bed in that miserable state post-op in the days of nauseating gas anesthetic head and ear banging, throbbing in pain trying to sleep but the pain and misery too great.  Trying to not be sick on my stomach, not a fun thing after ear surgery to go calling up dinosaurs!  In those days they would not usually let the parents stay over night so my Mom would do her best to stretch the rules, lol, how sometimes she would wear down the nurses and spend the night sleeping in some uncomfortable chair with that Momma-ear open for any sound I may have made.  I would be there not sleeping and watching her catching a little half snooze and see the glowing light of a person looking over me with a overwhelming feeling of love and tenderness.  That same glow I would see next to my mother and I felt? saw? another tender glowing person resting a hand on her shoulder or head.  Many, many times growing up my angel made himself known to me visibly, usually though light glowing in a darkened room there next to me.  A few times when still young and more innocent a person so kind would show up in my room and just be there with me as the pain was unusually bad and when the nurse would finally show up with pain medicine the person who stayed with me would disappear.  Was it may angel?  As a child I believed it was, and as an adult I believe it was.  I thank God for my angel's comfort in times of childhood suffering.

Another time I would be aware or catch a glimpse of what maybe our angels was rarer but still so special, tender and full of God's love.. that was when  person was nearing death.  The first time was when I volunteered as a candy stripper at the rehab, a place where they would do hospice care before hospice care was made more home oriented.  I still remember the kind lady's face, we had spoken several times in the weeks before her death as she slowly was lead to her final end.  I remember passing by the door, her family gathered around not sure of the time she was to leave this world.  A beautiful white light was before her above the bed near the foot up towards the ceiling level in perfect eye site for one bed bound.  The warm bright light shone upon her face and touched no other or left any shadow.  She started to speak out to God and  seeing her relatives and a hand and arm of light reached towards her place on the bed and the joy on her face was like never I had seen at that phase in my life.  I had to walk on for it was not my place to witness and intrude on a family time of death.  That was when I started to stop fearing death. Feared judgment, and rightfully so!  But death not so much.  For I felt the love emanating from that Light and knew it was of God.
Well read this fast for I smell a major edit coming on before nightfall- LOL! {too late}

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