Tuesday, June 8, 2010

You know that one person, that one kiss that will stay with you until the day you die.  When sitting in the old folks home rocking away the day the kiss, the person that will spin to mind with no provocation... 
Was thinking about that this evening when I heard a song from that time.  How over my life love would be close but never quite there in that life long partner sense.  Oh there were some great potentials!  My personal moral code stood in the way, or the timing was all wrong.  I sometimes- OK, most times think, that it is God's way of protecting us from taking a wrong turn.  Now as I sit and reflect on that kiss, that special person who made the world fade away and glitter with just their face before me and their words quickening my heart; all I can think about is how special it is to have that memory but how blessed I am to have a greater love.  A greater person who fills my life.  I look at the picture of Jesus and His sacred heart on my desktop background and know without a doubt there is nothing more fulfilling, nothing more desired then His love and my wanting to love Him completely.  So while I may remember that kiss, that time of romantic wonderment with happiness and fondness I do not regret not having it in my life now.  I do not wish things to be different then they are now.  For now I have found that love I have searched for all my life.  He was just waiting for me to realize that His love is always there for me, waiting and ready to give it to me.  He was just waiting for me to be ready to give all to Him in love. So I sit here typing away smiling knowing, because I know no matter what these remaining days of this life on earth bring me I have found my true love and it is worth the cost... and His divine love is beautiful.

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