Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Wholly converted to God.  Is this not what we so strongly desire?  To become so desirous of God's love there is never another thought, desire, wish within any part of our being? Take some time to ponder how unimaginable it is to even grasp a tiny portion of what God's true being, His true Love must feel like, must be like.  To be in the presence of such Divine infinite loving light that is God!  How can I a tiny speck of sinful being even dare to imagine such glorious grandeur of the Almighty's being?  Yet, this is why He sent His Son, Jesus.. God who walked, lived, laughed, suffered amongst us.

Jesus, who willingly came here for us out of love and obedience to His Father.  Jesus, how you must have suffered so being away from Heaven by choice, for love...You came to teach us how to die to self.  So we, so I, could strive to die to my self and learn to walk Your path of ever growing love.  All is God.  everything IS God.  Cleanse me, teach me so my soul may ever receive Thee! Nothing else matters except for the most Holy Trinity- God.  Bless me with Thy grace, transform this filthy , stained soul!  Grant me Thy mercy so all thoughts, all actions, all desire is only to serve, love, adore, praise You, my glorious God!  For only You have the power to cleanse us, only You have the merciful love to heal us of our sinfulness.  Unite us with your love.  O, to be united with You!  To not have these vanities blocking Your love, Your Will for us...

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