Monday, June 21, 2010

Our Lord Jesus never passed out.

Jesus, never passed out from pains that would make the normal man fall in a faint from the pain...the blood loss... the humiliation.

"I shall love You, I shall love You always; when day breaks, when evening turns into night, at every hour, at every moment; I shall love You always......"
-Saint Gemma Galgani

--Sometimes I wonder,why St Gemma?  Her words inflame this weak soul.  Her desires to become a religious never fulfilled//is that to be my fate also?  To never be able to join a religious order due my age, my past illnesses?  O, how I thirst to serve our Lord Jesus in an order.... but  as I sir here writing this blog.... I wonder, I wonder if this is just a pipe dream, a want of my own.  What does our God wish of me?  How may I serve Him?  To give all I have to Him, how does he wish me to serve?   So many n need and here I write about my own petty wants.  For you dear Jesus, for You.. that is all that matters.
Is there anybody out there?  We all share a world of searching... searching, yearning, wanting... How we crave to be united to Jesus in our worthlessness... worthlessness made worthy by His death and resurrection.  Searching.. needing ... yearning... all for the desire to give all....

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