Saturday, June 19, 2010

Holy, holy, holy is HIS name...

Holy...holy..holy are His works...
as we await His coming, we prostrate ourselves to His glory.
Wondrous is He!  Glorious is He!  Loving is He!

Have mercy on us your children.  Have mercy on us, your loves.
See us as we struggle for yearning love of You.  Glorious are you Almighty God, most Holy Triune God!  
Mysterious wonderment of our hearts, minds and guiding Light.
In You, with You, through You, for You we clammer and cry out our hearts and lives... all for You we try, all for You we hope, all for You we trust.

Beautiful Holy One who makes our hearts laugh and smile in wonderment and love, childlike eyes we follow You, as we scramble to turn the weeds we offer into flowers of great beauty of Your creation.  All for love.  All for love.

Smiling we bow low, smiling for we know You are real, smiling for we know You are all that matter.
Smiling for we cry with joy that Your grand mysterious heart has deemed us worthy enough to be touched and transformed by You, our Glorious Loving God.

How wonderful You are our Beloved, merciful, gentle Lord.
Thank you... thank you.

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