Monday, June 7, 2010

Gee, Stupid Thing of the Day LOL

So the weather was great, temps reasonable a cool breeze blowing, the skies were deep beautiful blue with fluffy happy clouds today.  Decided,"Hey-its great outside!  Instead of praying the noon Office inside I'll just go out sit in the backyard and just spend some time enjoying God's world, and pray whatever comes...etc..etc"  
LOL, note to self when doing that remind yourself to ask your Guardian Angel to let ya know when you've been in the sun long enough, especially if you have a tendency to lose track of time easily when communing with God this way.  Can we say sunburn?  Yes, we can.  LOL, at least my face has a nice glow to match my knees and chest..what I get for wearing a tank top and pulling the legs of my shorts up before I started.  Ahhhhhhh,.. the lovely shade of red complimented by stark areas of white :0)  

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