Monday, June 21, 2010

Years have passed, I look back with a certain mirth and bemused laugh.  What did I know at 25? 30? 35?  LOL, more then I should have, less then I ought for that age.  Intriguing how in our being we are a swirling mix of amazing innocence, naiveté, and hard earned wisdom of life's experiences. Somethings must be lived as only one who walks through life can live them.  So I am sitting here listening to music after watching a ballgame on the brain-drain tube pondering the mundane and the profound... any insights you ask?  LMAO!  No, just a drifting fluff of dandelion in a spring's strong breeze floating from one direction to another- wherever the synapses and heart drift.  Dreaming, yet, seeing clarity mixed with illusion.  Ahhh, life, life, life, life... How wondrous a mystery you are in this vast cosmic maelstrom where we crawl grasping at the microscopic filaments of wonderment. 
--------------So much music no longer is safe for me to hear, or rather I choose to not listen to due the negative effects it has on my being.  Some due the overt wrongness of its message, some due the vile nature of the tone and hues of its harmonic thrash.  Some simply because it makes my mind go where now I know is wrong if I wish to follow my Lord. being more aware of my weaknesses. Weakness... weakness... human frailty?  Human blindness to the reality of the vile that walks this world disguised, seeking to ensnare and destroy. Have mercy on us, we small weak creatures- blessed with Your Light and yet so blind to Thy glory.  While billions crave a meal or water, a life without horrific sufferings; we in the west are so damaged we think of TV, cell phone text messages, and animalistic comforts so programmed to ignore the cries of the invisible.  So conditioned like drooling dogs to not think beyond the walls of the rooms we hide within and the virtual people we interact with by electronic gadgets obsolete after a year.

---------------------I see the tree. I see God.  I see the tree, now as a part of God.  I see the tree in my mind's eye now.  How the visual memory of the trees by St Germaine's have transfigured into another reality from their original inception...of this feeble being's mental eye.

----------- -----Shhhh...I'm waiting for the nightfall.  Some yearn to be always in the sun's light but they miss the glory of the night.  Look up and see the wonder above you.  Look up and see the beauty of the light!  Look up and see!  Only in the night can you truly see light's knee bending brilliance.  In the day the world hums and fills with bustling frenetic activity.  In the dark of night, silence envelops and wraps its arms of silence around you, a breath, a symphony of depth's undiscovered.  In the daring to venture into the soul's depths of faith and trust you learn to walk and breath the mysteries taught in heart beating breathing wonder of His silent love.     

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