Sunday, May 16, 2010

Wasn't gonna post anything tonight since I just came back from a retreat and wanted some downtime to distill....but my printer that has refused to print black since this past week gave me inspiration to write a lil blurb.

There  was a tiny little verse stuck in my head all weekend I wished to print on some 4 by 6 paper.  tried 2 times and the black was still not working.  The third time I tried, already saying to myself if it didn't print it isn't meant to be, but my secular stupid self was thinking "ain't gonna work".. but I said a lil prayer to Jesus and said "if you want me to have a copy of this then make the printer work"  LOL, Jesus just kicked my obstinate butt and out came the Lil Mandate printed up in black no problem. Laaa-dee-daa, I am a fool and idiot!  Jesus nicely reminded me of my lack of trust as the next thing I tried to print in black but had nothing to do with God....came out the lately usual blank.

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