Sunday, May 9, 2010

Since I have way too much down time right now, figure it would give my mind a workout and also be fun/good to learn Spanish.  Plus my Mother would like to learn so here is one of my first lessons thanks to trolling the web for freebies.  What better way to at least learn the important stuff, praying, then calling on Mother Mary!
Deleted Youtube link due to their blocking video postings

Haven't written much lately I know, sometimes I get a bit too attached to the computer and its distractions.  Found myself spending more time then felt right on-line doing time wasting things and it was leading me away from prayer and quiet time.  So I took a bit of a break.  Not a cold-turkey absolutely 'no pc' break but just a head clearing, get my butt back on track and not have anything being a barrier between our Lord and me, a false attachment to worldly things.

Plan on going to a retreat weekend  in a few days if everything  goes as planned.  It will be a good thing to be immersed with others seeking closeness with The Holy Trinity.  Pray for me that everything works out  :)  thanks!  I'll be praying for you also!

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mom's out there!!!  May God bless you all for the unselfish everything you do for the children, no matter their age.

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