Monday, May 31, 2010

For another , who for now must remain unnamed, I pray.  For her journey I will offer my works and small sacrifices.  For she has made a great decision based on trust and love, and she is my friend and a lover of our Beloved.  I will pray and give for her so that God may hopefully grace and protect her as she takes this path and walks in faith.  To our mutual Mother Mary our mutual Queen, ever virgin ever giving, I will ask that Mary protects and leads her gently ever closer to her Beloved Son.  I tool my Consecration before she did and told her how she should consider doing the same, how thrilled I was when she told me was making her Consecration.  It is these little things... quiet, shared between two enjoined in a common love and purpose that make me marvel at the tender weave that reaches from one to another to another as the love of our God spreads out to touch the world in our time.

Love spreads from one to another, a force unseen, indescribable... love in its true sense.
How our age has besmirched the beautiful innocence and care that is true loving care between individuals.  A return to innocence, a return to the pure is needed. 

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