Monday, May 31, 2010

Dear Mother Mary, how greatly I wish to do more, everything for your Son, for our loving Divine God.  Read today the great news about ****, please keep her close and safe Mother, for she is such a special, special young woman.  The news , dear Mary, brought such joy to my heart on this day we remember and celebrate the wonderful mystery of The Most Holy Trinity.  But to you admit it also brought a little sadness to my heart... selfish of me I know and I am sorry for that, but still I yearn so much to do more, to join with others who have that same desire to live for nothing but our God, doing His will, offering all we are for His glory, sacrificing ourselves in atonement for our selves and the world. So we might work under your guidance to heal the world of its evil ways and save the lost.  Sigh, yes, I admit I so greatly miss that time I spent in Combermere, I thank you for helping draw me closer to your Son, Jesus, and for the graces I received and the healing that was started. I thank you, God Most Holy Trinity, for leading there. You are an amazing loving God, I am so humbled knowing even in my tiny way the love You shower upon me!
Dear Mother Mary, I know the time back was a great lesson in faith and patience for me.  I thank God for the humbling lesson, for only in the perceived absence have I been able to learn solidly and forever(hopefully) that even when silent Jesus and you are always with me.  that the consolations received are loving islands of refuge to build the heart, mind and body for the times of testing and battle.  I hope despite my falling you were overall pleased with my feeble attempts to persevere.  thanks to the love and lessons God allowed me to learn when there and only through His grace have I made it to where I am today.  Still a nobody, but a nobody who has been given the grace to stand thanks to my Baptism and the loving sacrifice of Jesus and the Resurrection that gives all us miserly humans hope of salvation. But still I yearn for more!  It seems as if I am standing still and all others are moving forward on the path despite their hardships.  O how the burning within never wanes, nor do I ever wish it to stop by even one tiny degree!  Let me always hunger for a greater, closer union with our merciful God.  I just ask that I might someday get a little clue on how you think the Father might want me to serve Him... some little signpost or flickering light that says over here Linda is where I wish for you to go, this is what I wish for you to do.  I know, I know..How can I dare even ask the Almighty to do such a little thing for one as myself?  But Mary, I have hope, and I know the Father loves me and has the power to make happen whatever He wills, so I again will bow down and pray and trust for His great grace to guide me to whatever He desires of me.  For I will follow, I will doo for He never asks us to do anything for Him without also giving us the grace to accomplish the task.  If that means staying where I am for Him and to continue in this little, hidden way, then so be it.  For our almighty Holy Trinity I shall gladly, for God and you are much wiser then I and I am a willing slave and lover who will sing within my heart as I do His will. 
Please pray for me, Holy Mother of God. Please pray for us all who are trying to follow the Will of God in our tiny, hidden lives out in the world.  Protect us from all evil so we may never stray from always seeking the face of Jesus before us and in all our brothers and sisters until the day we are called home to live in God's house.

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