Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Off Again

I am off to Combermere again, going to spend Christmas up there. Should be a great experience! I hope and pray you all will find the path you are looking for, trust in Jesus he will take you and lead you to His Father's heart if you let him.

I will miss hearing from you all, thank you for your loving words and prayers. Know that I hold you close to my heart and always remember you in my prayers...I love you all and care deeply about you. Will try to check in the emails and reply back as often as I can, but as you know internet access if highly limited so be patient. :0)

Don't know how long my stay will be this time, like last time I will trust in the Holy Spirit and the folks up there and we will see..LOL, who ever knows anyway?

Peace and love to you all and stay warm (to those of you who live in colder climates) and Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! May God bless you throughout your days!

Love, L

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