Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It is late Monday night and the first day I felt almost healthy, didn't realize how sick I was until I started to feel better. Was either a mild form of the flu or one ass kicking allergy slam. Either way thank you God for pharmaceuticals! Ironic though I sleep better on the bed at MH then I do on mine here at home. LOL, although here I do have to share it with a lovelorn cat.

Being home forces me to be more cognizant of my prayer life, of making my day one of prayer in addition to taking time to have more focused prayer. Also being home has shown me starkly how easily little things distract from prayer and draw one away from God and misdirect the heart. A good meal is a wonderful creature comfort, but I need to remind myself that it is a wonderful gift from God that makes it possible to eat this fine meal and all the people who make it possible are to be thanked and prayed for also. The meal is made special not for the food but for the time I got to spend with my brother, ok the lobster was really yummy. The things that ruled my time before now seem so trivial or almost distasteful even if they were mildly benign, they can be used as tools but not as the sole source of bemusement. All this and more confirms what I had previously thought and prayed about that my time in Canada is for a purpose of training and learning and listening to whatever God desires of me.

Here at home a mirror is being held before me showing many of my weaknesses in the world, that my spiritual growth is still toddling along in its infancy. Nothing really appeals me anymore that use to, I enjoy them but not in the same way. Everything is now being framed within a context of God, and how absent He is in many created things that so many derive pleasure from. One bright spot is the man from class is now officially in RCIA and is even praying and trying to expose his children to the Catholic faith. He thanked me for my help before I left and how he still uses the cds I burned for him of many great EWTN shows and good Catholic speakers. As he said he is finally feeling like he is "coming home". God is kind to let me know I helped another in their journey.

More later as I am still getting the sweats and chills, yeah for Nyquil which is kicking in! I'll expound on some of the earlier themes brought up hopefully tomorrow evening.

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