Friday, November 20, 2009

It has been 7 days

Glory be to God!!!

It has been 7 days since I have returned to living in the world and what an experience . All I can say is the heaviness of life among people is so overwhelming at times and yet, so blessed. Rarely is it halfway, either I met people who are so open about their love of our Lord or I see the dark and empty lost souls who wander and wonder about the hollowness of life. So interesting how much I miss and crave the life in Combermere, the Mass Lauds and Vespers, people the work, heck even dishes= ahhhh.. altho I guess it shouldn't surprise me so much. So many have commented on how happy I look and how I am "glowing". NOT a term I have ever heard in relation to me. All I can say is that our Lord and our Mother are all to thank for the transformation of this poor soul... what a wonder it is to know how our good Lord loves us and will reach out to touch and help us if we just make that tiny step towards loving and trusting in Him.
I purposefully have taken time and not written anything since being home, mainly because my emotions and mind have been all over the place and yet while I am home, I feel not quite at home. My heart yearns for the daily Mass and gathering for prayers, for that taste of life I have been living the past few months. The last couple weeks before coming home have not been easy ones even in the relative safety of Madonna House, but in my opinion (which can be very wrong I admit for I don't know crap most times, LOL)it was a testing period perhaps? since I made the Consecration to Jesus through Mary many things have been going on in my being. Now how to articulate to y'all? That my friends is the challenge! LOL! Yes, how to explain without sounding totally crazy. So to make it easier for me to try and put down, I am going to jump around since as y'all know I don't go back and edit once written outside of spell check(I heard that!). Sorta work backwards and sideways in time since that is the easiest for me right now to try and make a cohesive narrative in my own lil mind.

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