Monday, November 16, 2009

Combermere up in Canada-land

Combermere up in Canada-land... these past 3 and a half months living with the Madonna House people immersed in their spiritual way of life has had a profound effect upon me. Not just on my spiritual self but on my whole person. Restoration, it is a place that heals the whole person in many ways through loving our gracious God and through entrusting ourselves to blessed Mary's guidance. How to explain this way of living to you who have never been there? How to tell a story that still unfolds its chapters in ways subtle yet profound within my being? Grace of our Holy Father, our Savior Jesus and our Advocate the Holy Spirit all with the intercession of Mary is the only way to explain all of this... that our great and glorious God takes each one of us and works miracles within our hearts every moment of everyday if we just open our hearts and allow Him.

Today I actually slept late, didn't have to get up at 6:45amish and am still sitting around in the pjs enjoying the warmer weather and an icy cold Dr Pepper, but my heart was missing the morning lauds so I prayed them thanks to the online site that has them. Interesting how one can feel the difference of the world around them. How at the MH training center the people are all directed with the same goal, serving and loving God. Here in the world you can feel the lack of direction the lost souls wandering, wondering, searching yet not seeing. How sad... how very sad. Is this how Jesus and the disciples felt as they preached through the crowds, walked through the towns and cities some 2000 years ago? The emotional flurry of such anger, sadness, despair, confusion that encompasses so many around me out here in the world is almost too painful to bear. I just want to reach out and say there is a way out of your misery there is a true love out here you can reach for and who will love you back... alas, so few will listen and I have no talent for that yet as I am still learning so much.

Around so many good, holy, striving men and women at MH in Combermere who have spent decades living a simple life of prayer, work, service to our God makes me humble. I am but a wee child among grown ups in the spiritual life, the joy on their faces even when exhausted is always present. The love they give to everyone always there among this group of eclectic, totally unique people. The personalities so diverse but all with one thing in common, their love of Christ our Lord and the Christ within everyone they meet. So you learn by immersion into the way of spiritual life at Madonna House, working, praying, laughing, resting together. Since being there I consecrated myself to Jesus through Mary according to St Louis DeMontfort. A 33 day period of prayer leading to a public declaration that from that day forward all of me is Mary's to be entrusted in her blessed hands and heart to give to Jesus. More on that later, but it has opened a gateway to where I feel even more graces are being given me to use for the love of God.

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