Friday, May 1, 2009

OK Everybody Just Take A Time Out- Swine/Human/Bird Flu Thoughts

The misnomered Swine flu has everybody in a tizzy. The right wingers think it is a government plot, the end timers think it is God's judgment coming down, the in-betweeners of everything just watch TV and buy into the panic fed media. Until I see stronger proof that this flu is capable of spreading at a greater rate then common flu or has a consistent mortality rate comparable to average yearly flu virus in the US I am not going to get into a lather about it.

The best thing for people to do is what they should be doing anyway- wash your hands, cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze and just utilize the good common sense God gave you. It is way to early to say what the newest flu strain will yield, epidemiologist still aren't sure what the genetic make of the virus is, if it has morphed into a variant strain yet, and where the patient zero was/is and or who it is. They are still testing pigs, and I would presume other animals in the area they think is the ground zero. As for the pandemic warning that is mainly due to air travel versus ground transmission as seen in olden days so the WHO has to give early warning to countries just in case it is a truly malignant strain of virus. Plus it gives all the protocols set up after the SARS scare a real life test run.

Everybody just turn off the TV and relax. Go outside and sit in your yard and watch the spring greening! Do not let the fear mongering that is so profitable for media make you crazy! It is prudent to always have a couple weeks of supplies on hand in case of any emergency, not just the flu. End Timer's trust in Jesus! Even the Bible warns to not be lead astray by fear mongers. Right Wingers, were was your anger and distrust when Bush was implementing all these rules for martial law, etc? Don't you think that maybe this is a ploy by forces greater then gov't? Like the let's make money off a scared public so we can get more govt money by the drug and medical supply companies? Most of their contracts are ending after the bird flu scare.

Just some things to ponder and pray over folks is all I am saying. The Germans and other states learned the best way to control a population is to keep them in a constant state of fear, and that works for oligarchies too. Just saying look at the bigger less obvious picture... look for the people behind the curtains before you jump to apocalyptic/ Obama's the Antichrist thinking is all.

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