Thursday, April 16, 2009

How I Am Learning To Shut Up

He IS Risen!!! Truly He is Risen!

No better words to remind us of the truth of Easter and our Christian faith!

OK, so I didn't quite follow my write more often mandate- oops! But it was a great Lent I learned many things about myself and hopefully will continue growing in my faith as I walk through this life.

So what did you learn? I learned I can do better at overcoming my weaknesses in life and that I do have so many. That, yes, I am an ass but as long as I keep trying to overcome my jerkiness there is merit to it. I also am learning to keep my politically charged mouth shut, although that one is really hard to do when I see blatant hypocrisy and overt selfishness being battered around as a virtue. But slowly I am realizing that me speaking out and getting into a charged discourse on politics with most people would be about as good as talking to a brick wall since I nor anyone I know can do a darn thing about it. There are still some issues were I get my mind in a flurry of spinning frenetic mayhem but I am managing to keep my mouth shut. ROFL, though one day it may explode and well, if and when it does it will have more impact and will have to be a a pretty egregious point... ok, I am really hoping there! LOL, it is a hoot for my family though because they know what a hardcore political junkie I am and that I follow almost all the news from all corners of the spectrum and that my lil aries self is not known for passive opinionated spectatorship. My Mom is almost keeling over laughing at how I am being good because she tends to get the most of my political pontificating and knows how hard it is for me to keep my big mouth shut.

Hey never said I was a saint, just trying to work my way up to semi-keeping my soul a little less smudged... being a ego driven flake is a hard thing to keep reigned in in these modern times we'z a living in!

So everybody keep up the hope and dreams and remember no matter how much we screw up we can always take it to Jesus ask sincerely for forgiveness and mercifully start again... and again... and again!
Peace and may you find the Divine Mercy of Jesus' heart within your life everyday.. all you have to do is learn to trust in Him and give yourself to Jesus completely... oh yeah and don't forget to ask Jesus for help. He will be more then glad to reach down and lift you up!

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