Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sometimes a thought comes to you through an quiet inspiration, other times it comes through a trusted person and sometimes it comes from multiple people, and avenues.  What to do what it?  Is it something I wish to delve into personally?  Something to share in this medium?  

If I share this story theme will it help another avoid the mistakes I made?  Will it shine a light on someone who may be in a similar trap I found myself in?  Things to take to prayer,  things to discern.  I see how it could be helpful for it shows how easily I was lead astray by an evil, vile force and shows that only through the awesome love and power of God I was saved.

Through this experience I have an unshakable faith that when it comes to fighting overt evil God always (always!!) wins. Through this experience I have no fear of the dark ones for I know I can call upon Mother Mary and the Holy Trinity in belief and faith and they will fight for a child of theirs.

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