Thursday, March 31, 2011

Holy Father, give us today our daily bread.  Give us Jesus always during our brief stay in this land of exile.  Give Him to us and grant that we may be increasingly worthy to welcome Him into our hearts.     -St. Padre Pio 
Please, please, please Dear Father, for the sake of Jesus' sorrowful Passion, bless us with Thy grace and Fatherly love so we may be so united with dear Jesus we never have a thought of our own wants, or needs but always joyously, lovingly do only that which pleases Thou and soothes our dear Savior's hurting heart. So that with Jesus we may bring the conversion of all sinners' and return this world to one of glorifying, praising, thanking, and loving only our merciful, loving God  We humbly ask Thou this in the name and for the love of Jesus. please hear our cry. Please heal us so we may do Thy Will....for into Thy hands' we commend our Spirit.  Have mercy on us... have mercy on me.

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