Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mary, Queen of Heaven and St Joseph the Worker- A pretty hefty combo if I dare say so myself!

Haven't written much lately, although looking at the number of posts I had over the past couple months, it is probably a good thing to take a step back for awhile.  LOL, plus hadn't had much to say.  It has been a fairly nice couple of weeks, even if they were mundane and uneventful. 

Hope y'all had a chance to check out the MH video "Prayer to The Spirit of God" further down.  This video really typifies the whole of my MH experience.  The simplicity of the prayer and the desires of the prayer speak the truth of what this lil ol heart desires and craves more then anything.  To be a servant and slave of our Lord and Savior.  To give all to our God no matter the cost or hardship! Oh how freakin hard that is at times!  Not so much the desire within to do as much, but the reality of the world around us that demands it.  Ain't life a bitch at times?

"Breath in me Spirit of God, that I may I may think what is holy.  Drive on me Spirit of God, that I may do what is holy.  Draw on me Spirit of God, that I may love what is holy.  Strengthen me, Spirit of God, that I may preserve what is holy.  Guide me Spirit of God, that I may never lose what is holy."

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