Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Five will come.  Two will stay, three will run away."  Oct 09 Diary entry

Don't ask.
Over this Lent I was taught in such an unique way, that only our Lord can teach! Helplessness..that arms dropped to the side, palms facing out position of complete supplication of helplessness, of knowing the nothingness of our power on this world... the total acceptance and understanding of helplessness without God;s grace helping us to accomplish even the most rudimentary task or goal.  Funny, I would think it would be a position of sorrow or misery, but it is a place of freedom and joy.  That moment when it is solid and true, the understanding carved into the bone and soul of my being that not by intellect, or teaching but by grace the truth is known and felt within.  Reality forever shifted and, still doesn't make it easier to understand the what's and where's... but it does make it easier to understand the why's and the patience of trust.  Deeper, ever deeper.... yes, deeper ever deeper into the Light and into the wonder.....

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