Monday, April 5, 2010

Ahhh, spring!  It arrived this year with a hard handed determination to burst forth everything in the shortest time possible!  Temperatures have blazed into the 80-90 range during the day-gasp! too hot, too fast!  This is July/August weather, only getting down to the upper 50's-mid 60s at night.  The one time procrastination paid off, oh and being out of air conditioner was never taken down so thanks be to God it is on now!

Pollen has coated the cars with that fine green reminder that as beautiful as the flowers, trees, and green grass are there is a reason I run and hide indoors.  Allergies, especially in the pollen bowl of the valley mountains do have occasional disadvantages-aw, but who cares? They are beautiful wonders! Good thing about the heat (searing, sizzle, brain fog, sweat) wave is everything is coming out so fast the worst of the allergy season will be dramatically shorter this year-yeah!  Must admit tho it was frustrating when yesterday I waited to take a picture of the just opening dogwood blooms, to see the leaves already overtaking them by this afternoon!  Usually there is a nice 2-4 day period of gradual beauty with the trees filled with their flowers only. So, severe hayfever/allergy suffers take heart if you live in this area, my prediction is only 1 more week of severe pollen clouds then it should diminish dramatically!  But the sicky-ick is sure worth the wonder of the shifting in landscape, even if it does give us all heatstroke and high drug bills!  LOL!

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