Thursday, March 11, 2010

Holy Mother, one so dear, my heart so lost
traveling the steep mountain path
But I am a fool and did not understand the light's darkness
Walking, ever walking.
Seeking, ever seeking
I fell down and cried out from my misery
Battered and bruised my blood staining the path
For Him, I understood, painfully I arose
walking, walking towards His silence, seeking
Body bent, strength weakening..and one step then another
searching everywhere for the path once clear
climbing, hands bleeding, heart breaking
You came and consoled me
You dear Mother brought your Son to heal my wounds
Renewed, sight restored
my feet knew it was time to move
Ever climbing upward beside you
Time to test, sliding rocks slicing
Falling again, alone in darkness

For Him I must rise.. shaking from the shock
Dizzy from the loss I must rise and climb
searching for my Lord.

"I do not ask for anything dear Jesus, for you I will not stop trying"
Bowed, crawling, sobbing looking about me
all I see the emptiness of the world around
nothing matters save Him dear Mother
my heart cries
Oh dear Mother He is all!
nothing else matters
I am nothing without Him
Tell Him whatever He desires I will do
smiling thanking Him for this climb and these falls
smiling for I know He is with me
smiling for I know I am with Him as He walks
smiling for every step is a trial
every step a blessing
every fall a chance to unite
Every pain a sacrifice
Mother you graced me with memory
that you and He are always beside me
and when silent
within me
So ever I walk, step by step
climbing knowing I will fall
climbing knowing hope
knowing Mother you will not let me lose Him ever again
 Your arms around me
He is always within me

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