Sunday, February 28, 2010


Adrift, floating in the brackish waters
Was it only a month or so ago that I was immersed in the beauty of the above?
How in prayer I felt like I was there reaching out with tender love, humbled yet filled with this glorious scene of love's great suffering.

All seems dark, adrift in rapid waters tossing and turning
A moments peace inside I seek to return 
Am I so weak and easily lost?
Is my faith so superficial and tenuous?
Nowhere to rest my eyes without seeing people's pain
Darkness clouds my heart, makes the Light seem so distant
perseverance and trust, hope and faith
all I have, more mental exercise then heartfelt
the heart feels dead inside save the yearning within

So once again I crawl through the muck hopeful
once again I beg for mercy
once again i return to this place wondering
once again hoping lessons will be learned
hoping I shall do whatever He tells me without hesitation or failure
Hoping in my weakness I shall be strong enough

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