Monday, June 1, 2009

Simple Lil Miracles from God's Garage

Many times we overlook the awesome power of God in our everyday, hum-drum lives.

Today I worked the festival for the third day at my church, the last day of a wonderful food and culture fest and my shift was a short one starting at 4pm. Distracted after a sad morning were my mother's cat passed away from lymphoma just two months after the mother of same cat also passed away from the same illness I left their house. I interestingly was cat sitting for a nice couple and had to drive across town to care for their home and kittie when I remembered to look at the gas level. AHHHH!! I had put $5 in on Friday at 189 miles at $2.39/gallon and I was sitting on 249 miles on the gas gauge in a car that recently averaged maaaybe 20 miles per gallon.

No biggie you think except I am flat broke due very expensive dental work earlier this month and am waiting to get paid hopefully on the 1st and my change reserve had run dry! AHHHH! Driving across town I prayed for Jesus to please let my car make it to the church so I can help my church family. I get to the church just 1 minute before my shift and over 265 miles on the ol sweet car! That is almost 70 miles on approximately 2 1/2 gallons of gas! Thank you dear sweet God!! Thank you Guardian Angel who gets stuck helping me out all the time with God's OK!

Ya know... God sure looks after us if we just do the best we can and ask Him for help for unselfish reasons. Oh... and of course, we just let go and place our trust in Him. Imagine the world if we could get greater numbers of people trying to live this way for God? Be a pretty awesome world if enough of us at least tried.

OK that is my little bit for the day... miracles happen no matter how small, and we should all should learn to see them and thank God for them. Hey he IS all powerful, if He can make a universe then he can help you with even the little things is you just open your heart for Him.

Peace y'all! :0)

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