Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Rain and Youth's Lost Innocence

Rain...gentle staccato on metal awnings....a bird sings out another flutters by... rain...beating a soothing tune...soft...gentle...rain slows my breathing, my mind

nature's music wafts through me as breezes blow heavy wet leaves.

So many hate rain, the clouds, the quiet mandated by the weather. Hushed voices muffled as they walk by, cars moving slower... slow grace filled swirl and swoop a leaf falls. The mind sighs, peace filled.

Rain has always fascinated me, my earliest memory is of rain on a Sunday morning. Thunderstorms shudder the soul awake! Frenetic lightening, crashing bone jarring thunder shakes the house's timbers. The primitive awakens, visceral wonderment and fear; awestruck at nature's fury, mesmerized by nature's gentle caress.


After ten days of silence thanks to the previously mentioned "ick fest" I immediately jumped back into the world of noise and frivolity. Think it is God's way of teaching me kindly that the world's distractions are just that- frivolous distractions with little merit unless aimed towards something constructive. Monday's were all my own doing, listening to music which led me to an evening of mind numbing TV watching that never ceases to remind me how abysmal American TV has devolved. And society wonders why the children are so lost? Look at what we assault their minds with! No wonder modesty is an afterthought only mandated by responsible parents if there to catch the kids.

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